9 Ways to Double Your Roofer Advertising Results

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The phones aren’t ringing, the emails aren’t coming, and the sales aren’t either.

You’ve spent so much time on your roofer advertising strategy and still… nothing. Sound familiar?

9 Ways to Double Your Roofer Advertising Results

Luckily, you’re not alone. In fact, I’ve been there, too.

Roofer advertising is one of those things that takes a bit of trial and error but with diligence and persistence, there’s no doubt that you’ll see results.

I’ve spent the last few hours preparing 9 ways you can double down on your roofer advertising and finally see the results you’ve been after. I’ve also added a link at the bottom of this article to download our free ebook on increasing roofing leads while decreasing your cost at the same time. As always, if you have any questions or would simply like to leave a comment, please do so at the end. I’d love to hear from you!

Doubling Down on Your Roofer Advertising Results

For my quick readers, here are the 9 tips:

1. Research and monitor your competition

2. Create a unique selling proposition

3. Differentiate your roofing business from the rest

4. Print marketing for roofers still works – use it!

5. Setup paid search campaigns

6. Be consistent with social media

7. Put your roofing reviews to work

8. Roofing SEO is alive and well – don’t forget about it!

9. Leverage email marketing to boost engagement

1. Research and Monitor Your Competition

When I first started out in my digital marketing career, I was always overwhelmed by researching my competition. I didn’t have a way to keep track of them and I honestly thought I was better off “just doing my own thing”. I mean, chances are they’re WAY better off than me so there’s no point in even comparing, right?

Michael Scott Gif for Roofer Advertising

Take Michael’s word for it, that’s not the right train of thought to follow AT ALL.

Your competition, especially for roofers, will shed light on marketing strategies that you’d never think of otherwise. For example, you might learn how your competition uses social media to engage their audience, or how often they email their subscribers and with what content. Regardless, more minds are always better than one and by monitoring your competition, you allow more minds in to fuel new marketing ideas for your own roofing business.

How to Monitor Roofing Competition

  • Sign up to any and all email subscriptions. I like to keep track of what my competition sends in a spreadsheet to find commonalities in content, timing, promotions, etc..
  • Subscribe to their blog if they have one. Learn about the content their posting and what gets the most traffic. If they don’t have one, just finish reading this article and your roofer advertising will be better than theirs (kidding…kind of).
  • Follow your competition on social media. Similarly to the tip above, learn about what they’re posting, how often, and what gets the most content.
  • If you want to go above and beyond, hire a secret shopper (or do it yourself) and get an idea of your competition’s response time and overall customer service.


The insights you gather from this research will help you understand how to set yourself apart in your roofer advertising strategy.

2. Create a Unique Selling Proposition

Unique selling propositions (USPs) are value propositions that you want to offer to customers. The whole goal of a USP is to be unique to your competition and something that has great, verifiable value. Your USP should be something unbeatable or jaw dropping in the customer’s mind.

Doing your competitive research ahead of this step is usually a good idea. In doing so, you’ll be able to see what USPs your competitors are using to bring in roofing leads.

Examples of Unique Selling Propositions

TrafficCrafter’s USP is complete PPC account setup in under 7-days. The industry standard is around 2-4 weeks.

For roofers, I’ve seen 20-year warranties, lifetime warranties, or even no-payment until after the roof is done. Whatever your offer, make sure it’s realistic for your business. Some competitors may offer something outside of your current capacity – that’s okay. In the end, the goal is to create a balance between unbeatable and realistic so you don’t over promise and under deliver.

3. Differentiate Your Roofing Business from the Rest

Roofer Advertising - Stand Out From the Rest

Let’s face it: there are a lot of roofing companies out there. In order to stand out from the rest, you have to actually strategize how to stand out from your competition. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t come from luck.

Using the information from doing competitive research, while also keeping your unique selling proposition in mind, how are you truly different from your competition?

Maybe you’re the only roofer within a certain mile radius. Or, perhaps, you offer a type of roofing material that no one else does. These are the differences that can make or break a roofing lead’s decision to reach out to you.

Once you have your unique selling proposition and main differentiators, you’re ready to jump into the roofer advertising strategies that’ll help you double your results.

4. Print Marketing for Roofers Still Works – Use It!

There are simply too many blogs out there talking about how “companies only have to be digital to succeed” and “print is dead, online is where it’s at”. Well, whether you believe it or not, print’s not dead. In fact, it’s very much alive and still a great way to prospect for customers. Print marketing can include anything from roofing flyers, brochures and door hangers to direct mail.

Still, I’m not going to lie: roofing direct mail is much more expensive than email. This should be expected because you don’t pay for postage or print material, just the email marketing service.

If you’re not setup to invest in direct mail campaigns right away, a good idea is to consider ad placement in local newspapers, magazines, and classifieds – basically anywhere there’s ad space available in local publications. This method prevents you having to pay for print and postage on each item you send and instead, pay for the ad placement.

Some other print marketing techniques I recommend for roofer advertising is flyer placement in local coffee shops, door hangers in neighborhoods, and good ‘ole fashioned business cards for networking.

All in all, there’s definitely still a place for print marketing if you can add it to your marketing budget. As long as you use it strategically, print marketing can be extremely valuable to keeping your brand top of mind in the most ideal locations for your roofing business.

5. Setup Paid Search Campaigns

For roofers, paid search is arguably the most effective way to bring in high-quality, targeted roofing leads, immediately. When we set up a roofing client on paid search, we typically start off with the big search engines, Google Ads and Bing Ads. We follow our 90/10 strategy (90% of spend to Google, 10% to Bing) to determine the ad spend for each ad account and start optimizing the PPC account as outlined in this post.

Another avenue for paid search is through social media platforms. Facebook marketing for roofers is one of the best ways to keep your users engaged as they go through the buying cycle. We typically use social media advertising for remarketing to users after they’ve visited your site, clicked an ad, or had an interaction with you.

With paid search, you can immediately start generating roofing leads the moment your account is turned on. You can start showing on the first page of Google for the most competitive keywords or get your company in front of people within a specific area. Another awesome feature to PPC for roofers is being able to run ads after a large storm or during certain times of the year if you operate seasonally. You can use PPC to target the right customers at the right times and maximize your advertising results.

Now, of course I’m a bit biased towards roofing PPC because that’s what we do best. But if you do a quick search for “roofing companies near me” you’ll see your competition is all over the place. If you want to compete, it’s important you’re there too.

6. Be Consistent with Social Media

Social media is still underutilized by roofing companies. And if you ask me, it’s one of the easiest ways to truly stand apart from the competition. Statista found the amount of time spent on social media is getting longer each year. As you can see from the visual below, worldwide, people are spending over 2 hours per day on social media. That’s 14 hours per week that you have to keep your audience engaged and growing.

Daily Time Spent on Social Networking by Internet Users Worldwide

Roofer Advertising - Social Media Daily Usage Chart

Social media for roofers is a great investment because not many companies are using it to its fullest potential. Most roofing businesses I see have a social profile “just because it’s necessary” and they don’t work to optimize or even keep it consistent. Consequently, the competition with optimized social profiles do better.

One thing to keep in mind about social media is it’s not meant to drive a lot of revenue directly. It’s a tool to use to build trust with your customer and validate your services are what they’re looking for. It should be used to guide customers through your sales funnel, build trust, and most importantly, it should be used to engage with your audience. Think of social media from the shoes of the customer. They’ll want to see that you’re active, showcasing your work and reviews before they choose to shop with you. Shoppers are becoming more informed everyday and if you leverage social media and remain consistent, the customers trying to decide between you and the competition will choose you every time.

If you’re looking for a 101 crash course of social media in 2019, Neil Patel has it broken down below.

7. Put Your Roofing Reviews to Work

Did you know 97% of consumers read reviews before buying a product or service? Crazy, but true.

We live in a world where anything we want to know is at our fingertips. It’s no longer about your word but rather, your customer’s. In a fraction of a second, Google can tell your customer anything they want to know about your roofing business. If this isn’t motivation to promote your reviews and maintain a good rating, I don’t know what will.

Simply put, reviews hold a TON of power. They can single-handedly make your business rank on the 1st page of Google. Even without a website.

Of course as a roofing company, you need a website but you see my point. Customers are more informed and they care about the quality of service they’ll be receiving. If they see that you have 97 5-star reviews vs. one of your competitors who has 30, they’ll prioritize you even if the competition advertises more, has a prettier website, or whatever else. It’s becoming clearer that as time goes on, consumers are treating reviews with as much importance as a personal referral. To shed some light on this, check out this graph from a BrightLocal survey about buyer intent and reviews.

Bright Local Review Data Set for Roofer Advertising Blog

In order to get your reviews to work for you, promote them any chance you get. Share them on social media, have a dedicated page on your site for them, and most importantly, encourage your customers to review you whenever possible. Focus on collecting a review from every customer and make a personal approach to do so. If you have the most reviews, you’ll be one step closer to a fully-optimized roofer advertising strategy. I talk a lot about reputation management in our local SEO guide for 2019 if you’re looking for tools, review collection tips, and how to get started with reputation management.

8. Roofing SEO is Alive and Well – Don’t Forget About It!

In the last tip, I mentioned our local SEO guide. If you haven’t already, go give that a read and download the ebook if you’d like. Search engine optimization is a golden nugget for roofers because it creates long-term, high-converting traffic without having to pay for it. You see, with PPC, you pay for each click you receive to your site because the search engine places you on the 1st page, automatically. That’s ultimately why you pay a search engine for the click – they prioritize you over the organic rankings.

With SEO, you can rank on page one without having to run ads. The thing about search engine optimization, however, is it takes time to build a solid-enough of a foundation to rank and see traffic increases. We’re typically able to see traffic increases within 2 months after starting an SEO campaign. But don’t let that time frame discourage you. Just because it takes time doesn’t mean it’s not worth investing in. If you take your time, you can generate thousands of dollars in traffic each month from ranking your business organically.

9. Leverage Email Marketing to Boost Engagement

In order to really maximize the results of your roofer advertising strategy, you have to leverage email marketing. You see, marketing is more than just acquiring new customers. It’s about keeping your brand top of mind so in the event someone needs to hire you for a service, you’re the first roofing company they think of. More importantly, however, email marketing should be used to bring potential buyers through your sales funnel. I think the easiest way to break this one down is with an example.

Using Email Marketing for Roofers

Let’s say someone searches “roofing company near me” hoping to start the research phase in their quest for a roof. Your PPC ad gains the attention of the user and they click through to your site. Now, lets say that ad brings them to a landing page to download an ebook about the 12 Steps to Choosing the Roofing Contractor. But, in order to download this ebook, they need to enter their email address into a form you built in a tool like MailChimp. You can now send them the ebook and add them to a list that runs a series of emails helping the customer get closer to buying.

What you include in these emails is ultimately up to you but you know they’re interested in buying a roof. So, I recommend having a series that sends them information about how to pick the right roofing material, the right contractor, how to finance the roofing job if necessary, and the last email might be highlighting the unique seller proposition (USP) we talked about earlier. Each of these emails leading the customer closer to a purchase.

Think of email marketing as a vehicle transporting the user through your sales funnel. Teach, inform, and guide your leads to a purchase with email marketing and you’ll see incredible results.

+ Bonus Tip: Never Stop Optimizing Your Roofer Advertising Strategy

I see businesses all too often who view optimization as linear.

Observe, hypothesize, test, implement.

But, that’s not how it should be looked at, at all. Optimization is cyclical and should always be iterated upon until a better result yields.

Observe, hypothesize, test, implement, repeat.

That’s the right way of doing things. Don’t ever assume the optimization you just made is the best it’s going to get. Never settle on your optimizations and you’ll maximize every dollar spent on marketing.


If you take anything away from this post, let it be this: in order to have the most success with your roofer advertising campaign, you must have an omnichannel approach. This means you need to be doing more than just PPC or more than just SEO or more than just relying on your referrals to trickle through. You should be working on every channel to increase your reach and work to keep your brand top of mind for customers. If you keep this in mind and follow this guide, you’ll maximize every dollar spent towards marketing thus, maximizing your sales and ideally, doubling your results.

I hope you found this article helpful! What did you think of it? Is there anything you’d like to learn more about? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to respond.


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