Frequently Asked Questions

What does PPC stand for?

PPC is an acronym for “pay-per-click”. With pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, you pay for each click driven to your site from an ad. Once the customer is on your site, it’s up to you to convert them into a customer. With PPC, you’re not paying for the ad space – you’re paying for the traffic actually driven to your business.

What is Cost-Per-Click?

Cost-per-click (CPC) is a business model used by many advertisers and search engines. CPC allows the publisher of the ad – in this case, search engines – to get paid for driving someone to your site. Cost-per-click is also a metric we keep track of while running our campaigns. We ultimately want to know how much each click costs and how to bid accordingly.

How do I know you know that I’ll see results?

We’ve worked in nearly every major industry and although there are some industries we’ve have yet to gain experience in, we know our marketing methods work for almost any business. As a marketing agency, we can’t guarantee that you’ll see results because we aren’t in control of how search engines operate. However, we have numerous testimonials, an extensive list of brands we’ve worked with, and our team has over 20 years of experience marketing online and growing businesses. We’re sure we can help you grow too.

How can I see my campaign performance and stats?

Each month we’ll send you custom reporting that breaks down how your campaigns are performing. You can also login to your ads or analytics account anytime to track performance in realtime. Our development team is busy at work developing a dashboard experience for our clients which will be available starting March, 2019.

How do I know my ads are running? I can’t see them.

There may be a few reasons you can’t see your ads:


  1. You’ve searched for your ad already and didn’t click on it. If Google shows you an ad and you don’t click on it they’ll prioritize and show you other advertisers. This doesn’t mean you want to click on your ads when you see them, however. Each time you click on an ad, Google charges your account for that click (pay-per-click advertising).
  2. We’ve hit your monthly budget that we set. If we maximize your budget, your ads will no longer show because we’ve told Google not to surpass a certain dollar amount in spend.
  3. You aren’t in the geographical location we set for your ads. If we setup geo-modifiers on your account to advertise in certain areas and you’re not in that area, Google won’t show you your ads.


You can verify if your ads are running by logging in to your Google Ads account. You can see everything from impressions, to cost-per-click, and everything in between. Of course, you can always reach out to us with any questions as well.

How much of the cost goes to you and how much goes to Google?

Our monthly PPC management packages have a price range in ad spend associated to them. This means the prices you see on our site are for management only and not for ad spend or third-party tools. We collect payment for our services at the beginning of each month and what you pay in ads are charged directly by the search engine through your ad account, which we manage. We’ll report both ad spend and your service fee with the reports we generate for you.

What kinds of businesses benefit from using PPC marketing?

Almost every business can benefit from PPC marketing. Whether you’re a local, national, or eCommerce business, PPC can be applied in almost every niche. However, here are some particularly great businesses for PPC marketing.


  • Business with high customer lifetime values – dentists, doctors, and lawyers are some examples. Once a customer converts for the first time, that same customer could come back many times and drive more revenue. PPC marketing is great for bringing customers back through the door.
  • Businesses with high margins. This can include realtors, roofers, home builders, or sellers of big-ticket items like cars, furniture, or appliances.
  • Business that sell hard-to-find products or services. Highly specific products and services means highly-specific customers. We can use PPC to pinpoint your ideal customer and get your brand in front of them.
  • Businesses that sell a wide array of products or services. These are typically ecommerce businesses or a combination of brick-and-mortar and ecommerce. With such a large audience to sell to, PPC marketing can be used to target specific smaller audiences for the wide array of products.
  • Seasonal or weather-affected businesses. Businesses like florists, landscaping/snow removal, or tree trimming can greatly benefit from PPC. We can turn ads on/off automatically based on weather or season to make sure we get you in front of the right customers every time.